Avoiding the “Bull’s Eye” – The Rule of Thirds

Perhaps the most common compositional mistake that is made in photography is the placement of the subject in the dead center of the frame. Fortunately, this is also one of the easiest problems to remedy, and it won’t cost you a dime. All it takes is a little thought before you click your shutter button, and your resulting images will exhibit more “balance” to their viewers. Read more »

Wedding Photography: How to (and not to) shoot a wedding

So, your cousin Ed, armed with his new Nikon DSLR, wants to be the official photographer at your daughter’s wedding this coming summer and he’s willing to do the job as his special gift to the bride and her husband-to-be. Ed’s got a couple of nifty lenses, and he’s got the latest version of Photoshop loaded on to his iMac. His price is right, and he claims that he’s ready for the big time. Read more »

Keep it Simple

Has something like this ever happened to you?

You take a picture and, at some point in the future, you look at your work and you can’t figure out what it was you were trying to capture in the shot. Read more »

Photographing Concerts & Festivals

So, you wanna be a rock star (or, at least, photograph them)?

I admit. I’d love to be a rock star. Problem is, I don’t possess any credible musical talent, and until Mick Jagger retires, there is very little room for me to break into the big time. So, I’ve devised a plan to achieve the next best thing to rock stardom… Read more »

Painting with Light

Where did that dang shadow come from?!  I don’t remember seeing that when I took the picture! Read more »