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Carolina Lane

I have this great photo, but I can’t find it! [keywording / tagging]

Have you ever spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to locate one of your photos on your computer’s hard drive, or somewhere else in your system (e.g., a shoebox with a bunch of photo CDs in it)?

Biltmore Estate Tulip Garden

Springtime Fun with Multiple Exposures

Spring is in the air, and the tulips have been in full bloom at the Biltmore Estate & Gardens (in Asheville, NC).  With so much natural beauty and color to play with, there is no shortage of creative options when photographing the world-famous gardens, from traditional floral portraits, to close-up macro shots detailing a flower’s [...]

flower close up


digital workflow

What is “digital workflow” and why do you need it?

What is Digital Workflow? If you needed to find a specific image file for a photo that you captured, say, five years ago, how long do you think it would take for you to find it (if you could find it at all)? Well, if you have your digital workflow act together, it should only [...]

Brooklyn Bridge - NYC

Do you “take” photos? Or, do you “make” them?

Through my years of my experience as a professional photographer and photography instructor, I’ve always liked to think of myself and my students as “artists”, and not merely as people with cameras who take pictures. A good or, better yet, a great photograph should not be the result of sheer luck combined with expensive camera [...]