My Top 3 Favorite Photographers

I am often asked who my “favorite” photographer is. This is a rather difficult question for me, as I admittedly do not know much about photography (or art) history, as they didn’t teach me that stuff in engineering college, and I haven’t read up on stuff like that in my copious amount of free time (yes, I’m being sarcastic).  Having said that, if I had to choose, then here are my Top 3 “favorite” photographers:

David Simchock selfie

1.  Bryan Peterson (  One of my role models as a photographer, as an artist, as an instructor, and as a future author of instructional photography books, is a world-renowned photographer / author Bryan Peterson.  Anyone that has learned photography under me has certainly heard me repeat his name and recommend his “Understanding Exposure” book.

I love Bryan’s colorful and often “simple-but-not-the-obvious-shot” imagery, and I also admire what he has done as an instructor and as a writer. As I said, he is a great role model for me, as I grow as an artist, and expand my instructional activities.  I also have an ambition to write a “better” book than Understanding Exposure, which is certainly a tall order!

2.  Bob Krist (  Like Bryan Peterson, Bob is a photographer, an author, and a teacher.  He has one of the most admirable client lists in the travel photography world (including, of course, National Geographic), and rightfully so – his work is awe-inspiring, and captures the “spirit of place” like few others can.

I’ve also had the privilege to meet Bob a couple of times, as I once lived not far from him in the Northeast, and he would attend the odd ASMP meeting in Philadelphia.  So, I can say that Bob is not only a fantastic photographer, but he’s also a down-to-earth really nice guy.  When I grow up, I want to be just like him!

3.  Josef Hoflehner (  There is also one other photographer that I came across a while ago, probably through a friend’s Facebook post, but I’m not 100% sure. I don’t know Josef Hoflehner, nor do I know much about him.  What I do know is that his compositions are very intriguing. He has the knack for making wide, mundane scenes completely captivating.

As a “fine artist”, Josef Hoflehner really inspires me, especially as I get into more “wide angle” and “minimalist” impressions with my own work.  It’s always a pleasure to see his images come up in my Facebook feed!


So, there you have it!  I’m sure that there are hundreds of other top-notch photographers out there that I’ve never heard of. But, these are the three that I’ve been exposed to since turning professional in 2003, and I often check in on their websites and work to see what they’re up to.

Who knows?  Maybe someday I can contribute to Bryan Peterson’s Perfect Picture School of Photography, or I can assist Bob Krist on one of his many excursions around the planet or, perhaps, get to shake the hand of Josef Hoflehner , and thank him face-to-face for the inspiration.

Now that you know who I admire, how about yourself?  Who is your favorite photographer?


Wat Phra Kaeo - Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Phra Kaeo – Bangkok, Thailand © Copyright David J. Simchock

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