Update from a very busy photographer / artist / instructor / wanna-be rock star…

Howdy y’all!  I know.  I know.  It’s been a while since I added anything to the long-awaited got f-stop? blog.  Well, there is a reason for that…  I’ve been extremely busy with many business projects that will help to serve all of my clients and customers better, not the least of which was putting the final touches on the all-new David Simchock Photography website.  I’m very excited about this achievement, so please check it out here:


Travel Photography - EcuadorLooks a bit different than the “old” site, eh?

And that is exactly how it’s supposed to look — different.  New and improved, and in so many ways.  I can’t wait to put it to good use!

With the announcement of the new DSP website, this is probably a good time to update everyone on a flurry of business developments with all of my creative endeavors…

To begin, you’ll see that the new DSP website and its featured services are streamlined from the previous site.  After over nine years in the business, dabbling in just about everything that the photography world has to offer (note that I said “just about” everything!), I have decided to return to my roots and to focus on “travel” photography (as well as one or two other areas of keen interest).  And, yes, this will be the year that I get myself in front of the likes of National Geographic, so watch this space!

As you probably know, “music” is also one of my passions, so that is also a focal point of my shooting services, and will become a big part of my assignment pursuits.  Top that off with some local “editorial” and “commercial” work, while eliminating my “wedding” and “portrait” offerings, and you have the makings for a new beginning to my photography career!

What about my art work, you ask?

As you can see from the new DSP site, I no longer have a “shop” on the site.  This is not to say that I am no longer in the “fine art” business.  I am, and I always will be.  More on that in a bit…

Generally speaking, I am restructuring my creative activities from the ground up, the DSP website (and this blog site) being just the beginning.  Basically, I am splitting off all of my key activities into their own business entities, while establishing a clear mission (and marketing strategy) for each business.  Here’s what’s in the pipe:

  • Vagabond Vistas Photography Instruction will officially become Vagabond Vistas Photo Tours.  As the name suggests, this business (and its soon-to-be-complete all-new website) will concentrate on my “photo tours”, both here in Asheville / Western North Carolina and all around the world (e.g., I’m looking at multi-day itineraries in Italy, France, Switzerland, Ecuador, Peru, Bhutan, the Southwest USA and more!).  I’ll still conduct the odd workshop or seminar at my RAD Studio / Gallery, and I’ll still see clients for private consultations, but the Vagabond Vistas brand will be strictly concentrated on my popular photo tours.
  • My artwork will be sold via a dedicated business and website (also at my studio / gallery), likely titled David Simchock Fine Art (but one other name is under consideration).
  • Further down the line, hopefully by early 2013, I will unveil an on-line photography school (whose name is top secret — not even Dick Cheney knows it!) which will, for the most part, replace my current offerings of venue-based workshops.  This, obviously, will be a major undertaking, with the ultimate plan to bring in a line-up of all-star photographers / instructors to help run the show.  [If you are a professional photographer reading this, and you have a passion for teaching, please contact me to discuss how you can contribute to this venture.]
  • Tying all of this together will be an “umbrella” organization called Dijon Creative Solutions.  DCS will have its own web page, but its function will be more of a directory for all of my businesses, as opposed to an actual operational entity.  DCS will provide the option to add to my repertoire of services, possibly a bricks-and-mortar gallery (e.g., Dijon Gallery) or graphic artistry, among many other creative possibilities.

Trombone Shorty & Orleans AvenueWhy the name “Dijon”?

Ha!  I knew you’d ask!  Well, I’ve always been conscious that my last name isn’t the easiest of names to spell nor pronounce.  Yes, I’ve chosen to keep my “shooting” branded under my name, as this will be important in establishing a name for myself in the publication industry.  But, I wanted to have a little bit of fun with the “group” name, so I took my first initial, “D”, and combined with with my middle name, “John”, and came up with “Dijon”.  What do you think?

So, there you have it!  This is why I’ve been away from got f-stop? for a bit.  There is truly never a dull moment in my life!

To close this out, I’d like to give a shout out to my web guys over at Zero Zen Design.  They did a fantastic job on this blog site (don’t you think?), as well as the DSP site, and my expectations are high for the new Vagabond Vistas site, as well as any other web work that I have done in the coming months (Dijon Creative and the “fine art” site).  If you need a quality and affordable website, no matter where you may be in the world, Zero Zen comes highly recommended.

Once things settle down, I endeavor to add to the got f-stop? blog at least once per week.  You suggestions for blog topics is most welcome!  Just drop me a note with your ideas.  Thanks!

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